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US troops who refuse to vaccinate might lose veteran benefits

18:49, 05 November 2021
US troops who refuse to vaccinate might lose veteran benefits Photo: pixabay.com

US army members may not receive their veteran benefits in case they refuse vaccination from COVID-19 as those who will be dismissed from the army will not receive special protections and preferential evaluations.

“We see the vaccines as a readiness issue. Any discharge decision is up to the individual service as to how they proceed with that,” Gil Cisneros, Department of Defense  undersecretary for personnel, said during a meeting of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

However the final decision whether they will get the benefits or not will be decided by their discharge status and their commanders.

Whether benefits will be presented or not will be decided by “mitigating or extenuating circumstances, performance and accomplishments during their service, the nature of the infraction and the character of their service at the time of their discharge,” according to Veterans’ Affairs deputy secretary Donald Remy.

Some benefits may remain even without vaccination such as mental health care services.

The overall deadline for servicemen to get vaccinated was set at the 22 of November, however various branches have set their own dates.