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Trump accidentally throws baseball to kid’s head (VIDEO)

15:15, 08 November 2021
Trump accidentally throws baseball to kid’s head (VIDEO) Photo: Doug Mills/Consolidated News Photos/Global Look Press

Donald Trump tossed an autographed baseball and accidentally hit a kid in the head at the World Series baseball match where the Atlanta Braves beat Houston Astros 3-2 on Sunday.

A hilarious video shows a young baseball fan asking the former American President to sign a ball. Trump waved at him and a kid passed the ball upstairs where Trump sat. 

The politician easily catched the ball and signed it with pleasure. After that Trump wanted to give it back as he took aim and tossed the ball. But the kid and his father failed to catch as Trump did before. The ball hit the child’s head and overthrown his cap. However, the child felt all right.

Trump likes telling the reporters that he could be a great baseball player. 

“I was supposed to be a pro baseball player. At the New York Military Academy, I was captain of the baseball team. I worked hard like everyone else, but I had good talent,” ex-President said back in 2004.