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Trump says China must pay reparations for COVID, calls Xi ‘killer’

22:07, 19 December 2021
Trump says China must pay reparations for COVID, calls Xi ‘killer’ Photo: White House/via Globallookpress.com/Global Look Press

The former US President has given an interview to Fox News in which he discussed relations with China, criticized Joe Biden and some top officials.

On Sunday former President of the US Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo with whom he discussed such issues as the COVID outbreak, his relations with China and its leader Xi Jinping, current US authorities

China should pay its share

Trump, who was in office during the first year of the pandemic, told that China had to give money to the whole world for the coronavirus spread as the origins of COVID lie in its Wuhan lab.

“China has to pay; they have to do something. They have to pay reparations. And China doesn’t have the money to pay those reparations,” the ex-President said.

Trump has even estimated that the PRC had to pay $60 trillion globally, highlighting that what they did to the world was horrible.

Biden is not any better

Keeping with the pandemic topic, Trump also criticized current President Joe Biden and his administration, saying that the insufficient vaccination rates were partially caused by the people’s mistrust towards the head of state. The Republican politician has also mocked the President accusing him of taking the vaccine produced by Trump despite claiming that he would have never done it.

Boycotting Beijing Olympics makes no sense

The interviewer asked whether the US should not send its athletes to the 2022 Winter Olympics which will be held in China’s capital in February after the US government had earlier announced that it would hold a diplomatic boycott of the Games.

Trump responded that he had already seen a similar case with the 39th President of the US Jimmie Carter and his boycott of the Moscow 1980 Olympics which was “terrible” because the athletes were devastated by the decision.

“There are much more powerful things we can do than that. It almost makes us look like, I don’t know, sore losers. Maria, our country is no longer respected. I’d like to see our great athletes go over and win every single medal.”

How to deal with a killer?

Bartiromo could not avoid the ex-President’s relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping recalling their meeting shortly after Trump’s inauguration and adding that Trump quickly realized that China was a real threat.

Trump highlighted that China was dangerous both in economic and military terms but still he had managed to outperform the Asian giant until COVID broke out. The billionaire said that he had great relations with the Chinese leader which obviously raised Maria’s indignation who interrupted almost shouting “he is a killer”.

Trump agreed, but repeated that he used to have a great relationship with XI before China “destroyed the world”.

The 45th US President then accused his successor Biden of being afraid of the Chinese head of state, Biden’s son of getting billions of dollars from China.

China’s ally Russia was not left apart either as Trump stated that with him in office Russia would have never deployed its troops near the border with Ukraine and reminded the journalist that the Crimean Peninsula had become a part of Russia also under Biden’s and Obama’s administration.

What do the Taliban* and Dr. Fauci have in common? Dogs

Another question concerned Bagram airbase situated in Afghanistan’s east and why it was so important to the US. Trump explained that the airfield was designed to become a platform near China’s borders and places where their military was developing nuclear weapons rather than a strategic point for Afghanistan, once again denouncing the decision to cowardly leave the base.

“We gave it up in the dark of night. And we did leave the dogs, by the way. And the Taliban doesn’t like dogs, so you can imagine what happened,” Trump said, apparently referring to Joshua Hosler’s bid to evacuate 51 dogs left in Kabul as the US troops were withdrawing from the country.

Jumping from the dogs, Bartiromo asked about Anthony Fauci, accused of inhumane tests carried out on puppies, and whether Trump should have dismissed him while a president.

The ex-President slammed Fauci on several points, specifically in COVID policy, stressing that not listening to him was a good decision as well as not firing him because that would have triggered “a firestorm on the Left”.

The incompetence of another notable figure, General Milley, whom Trump has recently called a “f***ing idiot”, was also been mentioned.

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia and many other countries.