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Trump to attend Game 4 of MLB World Series in Atlanta

13:00, 28 October 2021
Trump to attend Game 4 of MLB World Series in Atlanta Photo: Evan Vucci/Consolidated News Photos

Former President of the US Donald Trump is expected to appear at Game 4 of the MLB World Series which will take place in Atlanta on Saturday, according to Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk who informed USA Today Sports about Trump’s attendance.

The game between Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros at Truist Park will also be watched by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, who had been earlier slammed with critics when he issued an order of moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Georgia as a sign of protest against a voting reform law approved by Georgia’s legislature.

Atlanta Braves CEO Terry McGuirk was told that Trump will not likely be sitting with MLB or club officials, his source said.

“He called MLB and wanted to come to the game,” McGuirk said. “We were really surprised. Of course, we said yes.”

Speaking upon Trump’s political involvement and his presence at the game, Braves' CEO said that his crew is apolitical and open to anyone who wants to attend, adding that “it’s great that he wants to come to our game.”

This will not be Trump's first time attending the MLB World Series. Once the former President showed up at the Game 5 of the 2019 World Series at Nationals Park in Washington, he was booed during the match at the moment when the big screen, installed at the stadium changed the picture from what was happening on the field to members of the White House where Trump was at the centre. The crowd bawled “Lock him up!” referring to the chant “Lock her up!”, which Trump had been repeatedly chanting towards Hillary Clinton at Trump’s rallies back in 2016.  

Earlier, the former President Trump has announced the roll out of his new social media platform called Truth Social. Thus he strives to battle such giants as Twitter and Facebook. However, hours later after the announcement came, hackers who claimed their affiliation to Anonymous managed to broke into the beta version of the platform, logging in by the nicknames of Donald Trump, theorist Ron Watkins and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.