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Trump wants to return his Twitter account in court

16:09, 02 October 2021
Trump wants to return his Twitter account in court Photo: Chris Kleponis/CNP/AdMedia

Former US President Donald Trump applied to the Federal court in the state of Florida to temporarily restore his account on Twitter while he demanded the full access return.

Trump filed an application for a preliminary injunction against Twitter late Friday night. Trump said that Twitter blocked his account bowing to pressure from the Trumps’ rivals in Congress. The ex-President also slammed the social network for unfounded censorship marking his tweets with a “misleading information” banner. 

“Twitter demonstrates a degree of power and control over political discourse in this country that is immeasurable, historically unprecedented, and profoundly dangerous to open democratic debate," Trump’s lawyers said.

Twitter’s officials made no comment on Trump’s case.

On August 19 Donald Trump blasted Twitter for allowing the Taliban* to share its ideas and statements with millions of Twitter users while the account of the former President of the US is still banned by the social media giant.

“It’s disgraceful when you think that you have killers and muggers and dictators and horrible – some horrible dictators and countries, and they are all on but the president of the United States, who had hundreds of millions of people, by the way, he gets taken off,” Trump claimed.

Twitter imposed a ban on Trump’s account after the US Capitol attack on January 6. Twitter blamed Trump for violations of the platform’s policy and encouraging violence in Washington. 

The other social networks including Facebook and Instagram blocked Trump’s pages as well amid the Washington riot.

Trump had over 88 million followers on Twitter before he was banned.

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia and many other countries.