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US authorities detected over 20 cases of Omicron so far

18:24, 04 December 2021
US authorities detected over 20 cases of Omicron so far Photo: REUTERS

Patients infected with the new COVID strain have been found in a total of 11 states of the country.

The US public health officials revealed that more than 20 Omicron infections had been recorded in the US for the moment. They add that there were no harsh courses of the disease despite the patients’ different ages, vaccination statuses, and travel histories.

According to records, some of the cases were found with patients who had earlier arrived from South Africa where the virus’s new variant was discovered. Still, some of the patients have no recent travel history which means that the community transmission process has begun.

“We absolutely have community spread in this country. We don’t know how many of them, but there’s no doubt there’s community spread,” Second Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview.

All those infected with Omicron have mild to moderate symptoms apart from one person who has been taken to hospital. Concerning the vaccination status, information on some of the patients has not been revealed but it is certain that many of them were vaccinated while one received a booster jab.

Apart from California where the first case has been found, med services of New York, Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Missouri, and New Jersey have detected infections.

Starting on December 6 the US toughens its traveling restrictions. Passengers arriving in the country will be obliged to show a negative test taken no longer than 24 hours before the flight.

The World Health Organization has called on the international community not to panic over the new variant and unveiled that existing vaccines are unlikely to require modifications against Omicron.