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US calls on international community to back Taiwan’s participation in UN

22:18, 26 October 2021
US calls on international community to back Taiwan’s participation in UN Photo: wikimedia.org

The appeal comes amid China’s growing tension with both the US and Taiwan.

On Tuesday the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken urged the international community to support Taiwan’s inclusion in the UN institutions adding that the island is meaningful for the organization.

“The fact that Taiwan participated robustly in certain UN specialized agencies for the vast majority of the past 50 years is evidence of the value the international community places in Taiwan’s contributions,” Blinken said in a statement.

The Secretary of State brought up the island’s democratic history and highlighted that Taiwan’s values were the same as those of the United Nations. He believes that Taiwan is a necessary player to face an unprecedented number of modern challenges

Blinken also denounced Taiwan’s World Health Assembly exclusion stressing that the world might lose top-class scientists and professionals who can contribute to COVID handling.

Mainland China opposes Taiwan’s independent status in the international institutions and refuses to recognize the island as separate from Beijing and reminds that most UN members consider Taiwan to be a part of China.

It has earlier called for a peaceful reunification process with Taiwan stressing, however, that China had a glorious experience in fighting separatism.

Though the US sticks to the “One China” policy and officially supports Chinese authority on the island, it has unofficial military and economic relations with Taipei.

Last week US President Joe Biden said that America would protect Taiwan in case of Chinese aggression.