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US court restores compulsory vaccination rule at large factories

11:45, 18 December 2021
US court restores compulsory vaccination rule at large factories

The US Court of Appeals on Friday reinstated the administration requirement for mandatory vaccination or COVID-19 testing for workers at large enterprises, AP reported.

The US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio, overturned a November injunction blocking an OSHA ruling that applied to businesses with 100 employees or more.

“Vaccination and medical examinations are both tools that OSHA historically employed to contain illness in the workplace,” Judge Julia Smith Gibbons said.

At least three petitions were reportedly filed with the Supreme Court, requesting the immediate suspension of the mandate within several hours of the ruling of the Court of Appeal

“While we are disappointed in the Court’s decision, we will continue to fight the illegal mandate in the Supreme Court. We are confident the mandate can be stopped,” the South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson tweeted.

The President of the United States Joe Biden called on the nation to get vaccinated at any costs saying that this winter will bring nothing but “severe illness and death” to those who are not vaccinated, as the new COVID-19 variant Omicron is spreading across the lands.

On December 6, New York City imposeda compulsory vaccination for all the private sector employees to tackle COVID-19 and to prevent massive infections during the winter times.