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US firstly issues passport with 'X' gender designation for intersex

15:53, 28 October 2021
US firstly issues passport with 'X' gender designation for intersex Photo: pixabay.com

The US has issued the passport in which the gender is being marked as “X” for the first time in history, making a step towards the recognition of the rights of people who are struggling to identify themselves by gender identity and the country will proceed in bringing the new ideas onto this field, according to the State Department, which informed about the issued passport.

The department didn’t reveal the passport holder but they shared details with the Associated Press in a telephone interview. The recipient is Dana Zzyym, who had been long struggling in a battle with the State Department since 2015 to obtain the necessary document that concretely demanded to pronounce the certain gender.

The news that the passport was ready to be picked up came after the morning call of their lawyer, Paul Castillo.

Zzyym, 63-year-old, had set a goal to achieve recognition and deprive the state of ambiguity as well as to help other generations to deal with the problem, proving they also have rights. 

“I’m not a problem. I'm a human being. That’s the point,” said Zzyym with an arm tattooed with the slogan “Never give up” echoing his goal.

“Intersex, nonbinary, and transgender people need identity documents that accurately reflect who we are, and having mismatched documents can create problems with safety and visibility,” said Mary Emily O’Hara of GLAAD, the world’s biggest LGBTQ organization.

The US special envoy for LGBTQ rights, Jessica Stern said that such documents correspond to the “lived reality” and actually there is a wider spectrum of gender characteristics rather than those two that are being marked in passports as “M” and “F.”