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White House requests $1 bn for local personnel in Afghanistan

20:41, 28 July 2021
White House requests $1 bn for local personnel in Afghanistan

The money aims at helping Afghans who collaborated with the US forces in the region.

The White House is going to raise $1bln to help its allies in Afghanistan, people aware of the matter report.

They presume that the proposition was made last Friday. The money is supposed to be mainly allocated to the Defense Department and the State Department partially, also assigning $25 mln to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The money will be spent to erect transitory and temporary shelters, relocating personnel, and other necessities.

The initiative is expected to get bipartisan support. It can possibly become a part of the security supplemental funding package currently discussed in Congress. The project is aimed at ensuring the Capitol building security after the January riots.

"We are working closely with both sides of the aisle on how we can further support those brave Afghans who have supported our work in Afghanistan," said a White House representative.

After Joe Biden had declared the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, along with some other NATO members, the number of civilian casualties in the region rose considerably. According to the UN department report issued on Monday, the region has seen more than 5,000 casualties so far in 2021, with 1,659 killed and 3,524 injured. This is a 47% increase compared with a similar period in 2020. 

The first 2500 visa claimers are expected to arrive soon in Fort Lee, Virginia.