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US millionaire Robert Durst found guilty of first-degree murder

18:32, 18 September 2021
US millionaire Robert Durst found guilty of first-degree murder Photo: Sergei Bulkin/NEWS.ru

Robert Durst who is a real estate heir was convicted for the murder of his best friend Susan Berman who he killed in 2000 in order for her from talking to the police in connection to the disappearance of his wife.

Durst’s wife Kathleen McCormack went missing in 1982 and Berman became his spokesperson. 

At the time of the murder, Durst was 55-years-old and he killed Berman by shooting her in the head in her home in Beverly Hills.

The now 78-year-old Durst who will spend the rest of his life in prison was called a “narcissistic psychopath” by the prosecutors. 

While his own brother who is currently running The Durst Organization real estate company was present and testified at the trial saying “He'd like to murder me.”

In the year of 2015, HBO made a documentary named The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

He himself did partly confess in The Jinx documentary when he was caught saying “What the hell did I do? … Kill them all, of course” while he was in a bathroom and the microphone accidentally turned on.

John Lewin, who is one of the prosecutors, thanked the filmmakers of the documentary for the interviews that they did with Durst saying: "Without them having conducted the interviews, we wouldn't be where we are."

The Durst Organization was established in 1915 and it is one of the oldest family-run real estate companies.