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US pharmacy gave wrong vaccine doses to 112 children

17:57, 13 November 2021
US pharmacy gave wrong vaccine doses to 112 children Photo: pixabay.com

A pharmacy in Virginia gave over 112 kids wrong doses of the COVID-19 vaccine after running out of vaccines developed especially for kids.

This will affect the kids either not having protection at all or on the contrary the doses were too high for the childrens’ bodies to tolerate.

The pharmacy where the incidents took place is Ted Pharmacy in Aldie which is an unincorporated community in Virginia. 

“Because they did not have the children’s formulation they used the adult formulation but only gave a third of the amount to the children,” the health department’s director David Goodfriend said in a statement.

“Our understanding from Ted Pharmacy is they were trying to do a workaround, which is not authorized. If it doesn’t all go in, or it goes into the body but doesn’t go into the muscle, or you didn’t draw it up exactly to the [correct] line, there’s a chance you might get too little vaccine. There’s also a chance it could have given too much,” he continued.

After everything became known all the vaccine shots were suspended from the pharmacy and it was ordered to inform all the parents about the wrongdoing.

Parents will be advised to either continue with a booster shot or repeat the vaccination process all together. 

Everything would have gone unnoticed if only one parent didn't notice that the colour of the bottles which contained the vaccine was purple and not orange.

Orange bottles are for those whose ages are below 12 while purple ones were developed for people above that age.