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US State Department official says Iran blocks nuclear negotiations

21:49, 04 December 2021
US State Department official says Iran blocks nuclear negotiations Photo: AgnosticPreachersKid/CC BY 3.0/commons.wikimedia.org

The announcement comes days after Iran diplomat Ali Bagheri Kani said that two drafts on the revived 2015 nuclear deal had been proposed to the member-states.

On Saturday a senior State Department official accused Iran of neglecting the compromises reached during the talks on re-signing the 2015 nuclear deal, as well as of asking for further concessions during unofficial negotiations between Washington and Tehran.

“Iran came with proposals that walked back anything, any of the compromises Iran had floated here in the six rounds of talks, pocket all of the compromises that others, and the US particularly, had made, and then asked for more."

The talks on Iran’s nuclear development were resumed this Monday in Vienna, Austria, as huge powers including the US, China, Russia, and the EU seek to limit Iran’s nuclear program. The Middle East giant in its turn demands lifting international sanctions slackening its economic growth.

This Monday talks, the seventh round, are the first held with diplomats of conservative President Ebrahim Raisi elected in summer.

Washington has not yet made an official decision whether it would quit the deal or try to reach an agreement at the same time expressing hopes that Iran will take the negotiations seriously. But the anonymous State Department official has revealed that the indirect talks were disrupted on Friday after European officials had voiced dismay on Iran’s suggestions.

The official added that he was unaware of the date of the next round of the talks, highlighting that Iran’s willingness to settle down disagreements was more important.