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US Supreme Court hears Texas abortion law again

13:03, 23 October 2021
US Supreme Court hears Texas abortion law again Photo: David Dugan/CC BY-SA 3.0/commons.wikimedia.org

The US Supreme Court announced on Friday, that the justice will hear a new challenge regarding abortion law (Senate Bill 8, SB8) on November 1 which was previously adopted by the Texas authority.

The court granted the Biden administration application to consider the objection to the law on an urgent basis.

On November 1 the Court will decide whether the federal government has the right to sue the state to block the abortion restrictions. The Biden administration repeatedly said that it would vow the court to repeal the law. 

Earlier, the US appeals court dismissed the Department of Justice’s application to revoke Texas's abortion law, which prohibits abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

On October 9 the abortion ban was reestablished after it was temporarily blocked by District Judge Robert Pitman.

The abortion law bans abortions from as early as six weeks into pregnancy and permits to sue med workers who carry out an abortion past this period before most women could know they were pregnant. In addition, the pregnancy cannot be suspended even it was caused by rape or incest.

The bill has been widely criticized by women, med communities, and human rights organizations since most women are unaware of their pregnancy by the six-week term.

The Department of Justice claimed that the law violates the women’s constitutional rights to terminate a pregnancy which was deemed by the Supreme court ruling in 1973. Signed by Governor Greg Abbott, SB8 came into force on September 1.