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US Supreme Court suspends ruling to reintroduce Trump’s immigration policy

19:44, 21 August 2021
US Supreme Court suspends ruling to reintroduce Trump’s immigration policy Photo: Joe Ravi/wikipedia.org

The order will be blocked till Tuesday so that the judges can reexamine the filings concerning the US migration crisis.

On Friday night the US Supreme Court temporarily blocked an order which would make US President Joe Biden adopt an immigration policy of former President Donald Trump.

Justice Samuel Alito released a temporary stay which will run out on Tuesday night to let the judges review the documents concerning the case.

During this time Biden’s administration will search for ways to prolong the block.

The ruling was initially released on August 13 in Texas, in which federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ordered to “abruptly reinstate a broad and controversial immigration enforcement program that has been formally suspended for seven months and largely dormant for nearly nine months before that”.

That means reviving the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also known as "Remain in Mexico", which was introduced and then enhanced in 2019 by the Trump administration and consisted in sending migrants back to Mexico while their asylum-seeking proceedings were heard.

Many claimants had to spend nights in camps on the border with Texas and enter the country only for hearings. This was widely criticized for imposing dangerous conditions on migrants.

Biden’s administration was determined to terminate the practice and ended it in June.

Missouri and Texas then filed a lawsuit against the White House highlighting that abolishing the program harmed the states and contributed to the recent deterioration of the migrant crisis in the southern part of the country.

Mexican Foreign Ministry has announced that it got no message from US authorities concerning the ruling.

The US border crisis has recently reached its peak, surpassing its 20-year highs. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas delivered a speech last week in which he announced that 212,672 migrant encounters were recorded in July.