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US to open border for fully vaccinated foreigners from November 8

09:21, 16 October 2021
 US to open border for fully vaccinated foreigners from November 8 Photo: pixabay.com

Washington announced on Friday that the US is planning to lift travel restrictions for fully vaccinated foreigners on November 8.

The White House spokesman Kevin Munoz confirmed the November 8 date on Twitter.

The restrictions were imposed for the first time back in March 2020 with Canada and Mexico to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Later, the COVID-19 measures were expanded to other countries as the US border has been closed for almost 21 months. Many people who have relatives or businesses in the US were forbidden to visit the country.

However, unvaccinated persons are still barred from visiting the United States. Furthermore, the travelers have to be inoculated only with US authorized vaccines to cross the border.

The White House reported that the border service at the airports will request every traveler to provide a vaccination certificate. Apart from the certificate, the person has to demonstrate a recent PCR test. Foreigners who cross the border by land won’t have to provide a negative COVID-19 test. 

On October 1 the other big country Australia announced the reopening of the international border in November.

Australia imposed strict movement restrictions in March 2020 as well. The flights have been permitted only for those who have emergency humanitarian or critical business reasons.

The restrictions will be lifted initially only for Australian citizens, however, the Australian PM Scott Morrison vowed “working towards welcoming tourists back to our shores".