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Watch New Jersey man fell off ninth storey, landed on BMW and survived

18:00, 08 October 2021
Watch New Jersey man fell off ninth storey, landed on BMW and survived Photo: pixabay.com

Footage of the aftermath recorded by passers-by showed that the man was conscious and could move even though his right arm was displaced.

A man from Jersey City, New Jersey, dressed in a fluffy jacket fell about 100 feet from the ninth storey of a building at 26 Journal Square and landed on a BMW early in the morning. Not only did he survive, but he could also get off from the top of the car before onlookers rushed to the scene and called an ambulance.

The video capturing the man lying on the pavement with his arm dangling at the side was uploaded to the net and widely shared online. The unnamed man keeps screaming and then asks “What happened?”, while the spectators demand him to stop moving. The man lost one of his shoes, but his face mask was still tight on his ear.

Witnesses to the scene also recalled that the man asked the crowd to leave him alone and that he wanted to die.

“He fell into the car through the sunroof, then climbed out of the car and fell on the ground. He was trying to get up but people were trying to get him to stay down,” one of the onlookers said in an interview.

The 31-year-old survivor was then taken to hospital; he was in critical condition after all. He did not reveal his name and refused to cooperate with the police officers in charge of the investigation who tried to figure out what he did in the building and how he fell.

The police announced that it was unlikely that the unidentified man’s plunge featured extraordinary or suspicious circumstances.