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Watch New Mexico holds vigil honoring late Halyna Hutchins

21:14, 24 October 2021
Watch New Mexico holds vigil honoring late Halyna Hutchins Photo: Zuma/ТАСС

Hundreds have gathered in Albuquerque to pay tribute to the cinematographer killed by actor Alec Baldwin at the set of the «Rust» movie.

On Saturday a vigil mourning cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, accidentally killed by actor Alec Baldwin, was held in New Mexico where the production of the «Rust» movie took place.

Hundreds of citizens have gathered near the Albuquerque Civic Plaza and lit candles. The industry workers have also attended the event and shared their feelings on the incident which took the life of the 42-year-old woman.

«She was so dynamic and when something like this happens, it's devastating to all of us,» film worker Sandie Kay said in an interview with Reuters.

The National Cinematographers Guild president John Lindley highlighted that Hutchins was bound to have a brilliant future in the industry.

«It was so clear that she had a bright present and she had a big effect on all the people she has worked with,» he said.

A group in the crowd was holding a demonstration appealing to improve safety standards and working conditions on the set. Others highlighted that the incident happened because the staff was working long hours.

«I think that it's definitely a stark reminder for gun safety on set, and I am with the idea of banning real guns from the set if that is possible,» film worker Cheryl Lowe told Reuters.

The incident occurred on Thursday while the group was filming a scene for the movie called «Rust» starring Alec Baldwin, Jensen Ackles, and Travis Fimmel.

Baldwin made a shot from a prop gun that had live rounds, killing Hutchins and injuring the film’s director Joel Souza who was standing behind the woman.

According to court records, Baldwin who fully cooperates with the police was told that the gun was unloaded. He states that assistant director Dave Halls was unaware of the live round and shouted «cold gun!» shortly before the tragedy.

“Rust” is a story of an outlaw trying to save his 13-year-old grandson after the latter was sentenced to capital punishment for an accidental murder.