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Wildfire approaches Nevada making people evacuate

20:13, 10 July 2021
Wildfire approaches Nevada making people evacuate Photo: Konstantin Mikhailov/Global Look Press

Wildfires in the US keep rapidly spreading as “the inferno”, near Doyle, northeast of the Sierra Nevada region, has been increased twice in recent days and took a direction towards dry timber amid record high temperatures in the location. 

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office called people to leave some areas in the rural community as 20 mph winds blew towards the border with Nevada.

Around a thousand firemen, supported by aircraft, are fighting the blaze, but it was only 11% contained. 

The evacuations also touched people in areas such as Oregon, north of Beatty, and near Sprague River.

Wildfire is threatening power lines that provide California with electricity, so the state’s electricity grid operator asked customers to limit power consumption to save energy.

On Friday, California’s Death Valley National Park has registered a temperature of 54,4C (129,92F), which would be the hottest US temperature since July 1913 when the temperature rose up to 56,6C. But some experts remain unsure about the 1913 record, and if that record was excluded, Friday’s temperature would be one of the hottest ever registered across the earth.