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Andersson returns as first female PM in Sweden briefly after resignation

18:00, 29 November 2021
Andersson returns as first female PM in Sweden briefly after resignation Photo: TheDigitalArtist/pixabay.com

The head of Swedish Social Democratic party, Magdalena Andersson, will surely become the Prime Minister of the Nordic country following the election results announced on Monday. Days before the votes were counted Andersson had stepped back from her position as Prime Minister on Thursday after her coalition had collapsed.

The Prime Minister aims at running a one-party government since the recent failure to pass the budget in a coalition with Greens.

The coalition turmoil between Social Democrats and the Green Party started after the budget proposal had been disapproved. The Swedish parliament voted in favor of a budget drafted by the opposition group, consisting also of far-right Democrats. 

The Green party refused to accept the budget drawn up by the far-right and consequently left the government.

According to the law, the Prime Minister is due to resign if a coalition partner abandons the government.

Andersson securing a close win in parliament elections surpassed the needed number with only two votes ahead. The politician earned 101 votes in her favor when 75 deciders abstained and 173 were against the candidate. The number of 101 votes was close but enough to grant the candidate the official approval to pronounce names of ministers from her cabinet. 

If the no confidence votes exceeded the number of 175, Andersson’s path in the race would have ended.

The new government will have a third of the seats in parliament and will be dependent on the support of three smaller parties.

Moreover, Andersson will be the first female Prime Minister in Sweden as it still remains the country of high level of tolerance and gender equality.