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Angela Merkel speaks about her future plans

22:47, 30 October 2021
Angela Merkel speaks about her future plans Photo: Global Look Press/JÃrgen Heinrich

The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel who will soon step down from her post following 16 years has announced her future plans that she didn't have enough time to fulfil during her term.

Among what she would like to do are small things without the fear of something highly urgent coming up in 20 minutes.

“Perhaps travel a bit or read, or simply enjoy some leisure time knowing that no possible upheaval may happen in the next 20 minutes,” she said.

Merkel considers all these years to have been overall fulfithing admitting however that isometimes they were hard due to the constant need of addressing various urgent issues like the financial and migrant crisises that took place during her term.

Merkel announced her plans to not run again back in 2018 and currently she is in a caretaker role until the next government is formed.

“I can say with a good feeling now that it is right for someone else to take over,” Merkel told the press.

Despite being glad how everything turned out she admits to herself that "a little melancholy will perhaps also come later.”