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AstraZeneca to supply 2M doses of COVID vaccine to UK

11:59, 02 January 2021
AstraZeneca to supply 2M doses of COVID vaccine to UK Photo: Martin Wagne/Global Look Press

Two million doses of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca will be shipped to the UK weekly by mid-January, The Times reports.

One million doses of the vaccine will be ready next week, a representative of the team that developed the drug assured.

After that, it is expected to pick up the pace quickly enough to hit the 2 million dose per week mark by the third week of January. By the end of April, the developers have promised dozens of millions of doses of Oxford vaccine.

However, company representatives are disappointed with the pace of vaccine production in the UK. 

Several contractors are responsible for this - companies in Oxfordshire and Staffordshire, as well as a firm in the Netherlands. Then the vaccine is bottled in separate containers at an enterprise in the Wrexham and at a plant in Germany.

The vaccine supply chain is fragile, experts say, adding that the loss of at least one batch of doses would become a significant obstacle.

A resident of a nursing home in Lucerne, Switzerland, died after receiving a vaccine against coronavirus infection, NEWS.ru reported earlier.