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Austria imposes lockdown only for unvaccinated

17:53, 14 November 2021
Austria imposes lockdown only for unvaccinated Photo: Xy01/CC BY-SA 4.0/wikimedia.org

Austria has become the first country that imposed measures in the face of lockdown for those unvaccinated aged 12 and above.

The lockdown for unvaccinated against COVID-19 was announced by Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg on Sunday and the measures will come into effect within the next week.

The rate of those who have received both shots of vaccine remains low as only 65% of Austrians took both jabs.

Those who were ordered to stay indoors will have a right to leave homes only for basic needs to do groceries or visit a doctor. Thus the unvaccinated are banned from visiting entertainment venues, restaurants, and even hairdressers in the country.

 The Chancellor underlined that the police were advised to monitor compliance with the lockdown and the possible violations will be punishable.

The announcement of imposing restrictions came after another surge of COVID-19 hit Europe as the Netherlands has entered a three-week lockdown phase since Friday having registered a vast number of new cases.