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Austrian military presents dog trained to detect COVID-19

11:05, 15 December 2020
Austrian military presents dog trained to detect COVID-19 Photo: ALEX HALADA via imago-images.de/Global look Press

The Austrian military presented the first service dog capable of detecting COVID-19 on the medical masks of those infected, the Austrian Defense Ministry said.

A Belgian shepherd dog named Fantasy Forever vom Seetalblick has obtained an unusual ability to detect COVID-19.

The first phase of the dog's testing goes into the practical phase, the ministry said

As specified, the second service dog is about to complete the first stage of testing, and it is planned to train two more dogs with this skill by the end of 2020, TASS reported.

To date, Austria has recorded 325,000 COVID-19 cases. According to official data, 284,174 Austrians have recovered from the disease, while 4,530 died.

COVID incidence is on the rise in the Netherlands, forcing local authorities to impose a full lockdown, NEWS.ru reported earlier.