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Boat captain finds large megalodon tooth off the Venice coast

17:06, 22 October 2021
Boat captain finds large megalodon tooth off the Venice coast Photo: greenlinehybrid.si

Boat captain, Michael Nastasio from the city of Venice found a slightly more than 6 inches (about 15.5 cm) tooth of megalodon at close vicinity off the coast of his city while having a trip accompanied by other people.

Megalodon which means “big tooth” are an extinct species that populated the waters in a span from 23 to 3,6 million years ago. The place when the discovery happened is notable to contain lots of laying on the sea bottom teeth. Thus the more than 6-inch teeth was not his only trouvaille. Roughly a year ago the captain found another 5,87-inch tooth, which was also big, but less than the recently found one.

Nastasio pledged to keep the biggest tooth forever whatever happens.

“This one I’ll keep forever for sure. I can’t take my eyes off of it,” he told WWSB

Megalodon species are considered to be the largest sharks ever swam in Earth’s waters. The scientists and biologists, when asked whether that kind of shark still exists, confidently reply with “no.”

Sharks usually pose a deadly threat for humans, mostly for surfers if met. In the beginning of September thus an Australian surfer was bitten to death off the Emerald Beach 340 miles away from Sidney. The paramedics were working hard to save the wounded, but failed to succeed. In 2020, there were 26 shark attacks on humans registered in Australia.