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Boris Johnson’s approval rating shows anti-record number

12:11, 08 August 2021
Boris Johnson’s approval rating shows anti-record number Photo: Global Look Press/ZUMAPRESS.com/Alberto Pezzali

The approval rating for UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dropped to its lowest state since he became the head of government, according to the Opinium poll for the Observer.

Currently, his rating is -16, when a month ago the number was at -8. Johnson’s worst result was previously dated by January’s -15, when the UK had been experiencing a high COVID-19 surge and its peak as the lockdown restrictions were set up and the NHS was under strong criticism and pressure.

The latest polls indicate that only 34% of voters approve of Johnson’s actions as a Prime Minister, 49% of answered – disapprove, which is a two points higher number compared to the previous polls. When it has been summed up, the results showed the overall approval rating has equaled to -16.

Johnson is not the only one whose rating has dropped. The Leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer has also had a rating drop with a score of -11. It dropped from -6 two weeks ago. His job approved only 28% when 39% were against what he was doing. The current score is his worst score since Opinium has started tracking him.

In a question of who voters would like to see as a Prime Minister, Johnson still remains on the top position, 31% (+1) voted for Johnson, 25% of opinions pointed towards Keir Starmer (-1) and the highest 32% of questioned have chosen “neither”.

The voters have also issued the evaluations on government’s promise to “level up” the country. The least number of voters, 18%, have a clear idea of this term when the 30% of the public are not sure what it means and the other 30% hadn’t heard the term before.

Adam Drummond, head of political polling at Opinium said:

“It is only after rounding, but our latest poll shows Boris Johnson with his lowers approval rating of any of the 53 times we have asked the question since he became Prime Minister. While the so-called “vaccine bounce” he has been enjoying in recent months may be over, the Conservatives still enjoy a comfortable seven-point lead in the polls – partly off the back of Starmer’s similarly poor ratings.

But even as his rating do drop, the Prime Minister should never be written off. He has bounced back from poor polling numbers before, and he may be able to do so again.”