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British woman accused of murdering her baby

18:20, 22 October 2021
British woman accused of murdering her baby Photo: pixabay.com

The 20-year-old woman Franky Smith was accused of murdering her daughter of 16 months, in Keighley, UK.

Smith messaged her 28-year-old girlfriend saying that her daughter is evil for playing with lipstick and putting it on her face.

She later filmed the baby with various injuries. In one of the videos the baby was caught sleeping with her face in food.

The child died from heavy injuries which were probably caused by punches and kicks.

Both Smith and her girlfriend deny all the allegations and say they were not part of what happened.

During the court hearing an auudiomassage of Smith was played in which she told her daughter “I'll murder you. I'll do time for you, I would kill you.”

Among the Google searches of the accused were such sentences as : “How long can your body last without sleep?”, “What takes bruising and swelling down?”, “Bending fingers back”, “How can you dry drown?” and “How long can you sit in the cold?”

In one of the videos Smith had sent to her girlfriend the baby dropped on the floor from her chair and instead of comforting her daughter Smith edited the video with a slow mod sequence adding dramatic music and laughing emojis.

Considering all the evidence it is almost certain that Smith is indeed guilty of committing a murder.