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Ex-Alitalia flight attendants undressed as sign of protest in Rome

17:29, 21 October 2021
Ex-Alitalia flight attendants undressed as sign of protest in Rome Photo: pixabay.com

Dozens of ex-flight attendants of currently non-existing Italian airline company Alitalia got to the street as an arranged group in the center of Rome within a protest, local media reported.

The group of roughly 50 former employees gathered on open space during the day and silently stripped off their black uniforms by clear and precise choreographic movements as a sign of protest.

The airline company, which the square attendants had been working in, finished its last run on October 14. Alitalia had likely experienced financial difficulties and the solution to stop functioning had been made. 

Union officials said that those who planned to join ITA will be paid much less.

The new airline company, ITA, has bought Alitalia’s brand and hired some of Alitalia's employees, and put to use some of Alitalia's aircraft.

The new company welcomed no more than 3,000 of Alitalia’s employees when the defunct company counted for more than 10,000 staffers.

The protest itself could have reminded a theatrical performance as now unemployed attendants' acts couldn’t seem to have been spontaneous. They were slowly taking off their coverings, accurately dropping them on the pavement then removing their overcoats and other units of clothes until they appeared barefoot leaving themselves to stay dressed only in underwear. The moments of silence followed their protest. After this, they carefully took their garments and shoes and pronounced “We are Alitalia!” out loud. 

There have been no reports regarding any arrests or information whether the event has borne fruits.