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Female Nazi death camp secretary found after evading attempt

19:54, 30 September 2021
Female Nazi death camp secretary found after evading attempt

Irmgard Furchner, 96, who had served as secretary in Stutthof Nazi death camp during World War II was detained after she tried to go into hiding. 

The woman was supposed to appear in court on Wednesday. She is accused of being an accessory to mass murders in 11,412 cases and attempted murders in 18 cases.

The old woman lived in the nursing home. On Tuesday morning she got a taxi and went in an unknown direction. A court official said that Furchner might be additionally accused for being “on the run”.

The law enforcement detained the woman later that afternoon and took her to the judge. However, the court spokeswoman confirmed that it wasn’t clear if the trial would go ahead.

"I can say that the defendant has been found, a doctor will establish her capacity to be detained and the court will determine whether the arrest warrant can be executed or whether she is spared," the spokeswoman said at a press briefing.

Furchner worked in the death camp from June 1943 to April 1945 at the age of 18 and 19 at the time. The ex-nazi secretary said, that she was afraid of social stigmatization and asked for a secret trial. 

It’s been reported that she is the only woman to face a trial in Germany for the Nazi cooperation in decades.