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France accuses England of imposing discriminatory travel rules

15:48, 29 July 2021
France accuses England of imposing discriminatory travel rules Photo: HENRY NICHOLLS/Reuters

France is the only EU country whose travelers have to stay in quarantine once arrived in the UK.

French Secretary of State for European affairs Clément Beaune has dubbed the English decision to keep the French in quarantine discriminatory and unscientific.

Earlier England has announced that it opened its borders for fully vaccinated residents of the EU and the US without compulsory quarantine, making the only exception for France. It added that the measures would be reviewed no sooner than the next weekend.

Beaune has given an interview to LCI TV, calling the rules excessive and incomprehensible on health grounds. He added that the decision was discriminatory and not based on science, expressing hope that the restrictions would be reexamined pronto.

“It is just common sense.”

The English authorities have explained that the measures are due to a spread of the Beta type of COVID in France. The French government responds that most cases have been registered in Reunion, French overseas department in the Indian Ocean.