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France to ban Wish e-commerce platform from search and app stores

14:19, 25 November 2021
France to ban Wish e-commerce platform from search and app stores Photo: pixabay

Authorities accuse the website of selling non-compliant with the EU regulations and even dangerous goods.

The French General Direction for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression (DGCCRF) has issued a report in which it called on the government to ban Wish website and mobile app from appearing in search engines and app stores. Still, the platform will remain accessible if users type its web address directly.

“These decisions are unique in Europe. It makes no sense to tolerate online something that we do not accept in physical commerce,” France’s Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire said.

According to the statement released by France’s Economy Ministry on Wednesday, the conformity with European rules and security of most goods sold on the platform, mainly coming from Chinese merchants, are seriously questioned.

The DGCCRF states that around 90% of electronic devices, 62% of costume jewelry, and 45% of toys sold on Wish are dangerous. It adds that even such goods get removed, they reappear shortly after under a different name, sometimes from the same seller.

The sanctions are expected to last until the US-based platform complies with the regulations imposed by the EU.

Wish representatives have already declared taking legal action against the restrictions and called them illegal and disproportional. The platform stated that it always fulfilled the DGCCRF demands to remove certain goods and accused the French authorities of reluctance to hold a dialogue.

“While we are under no legal obligation to carry out checks on the 150 million products offered for sale on the platform, we invest in a wide range of programs designed to attract and reward sellers that offer quality items, and limit the exposure of those offering lower quality items.”

The DGCCRF earlier said that around 60% of goods vended on online markets are non-compliant while 32% of them are regarded as dangerous.

Wish, created in 2010 in San Francisco, estimates that it has some 100 mln active users.