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France detains British fishing trawler following rise in tensions

16:57, 28 October 2021
France detains British fishing trawler following rise in tensions Photo: pixabay.com

Two British vessels were detained by France over them not having a necessary permit.

One of the boats was released while the other is still in detention in the port at Le Havre.

Soon after France’s Europe minister Clement Beaune said that the UK only understands the language of force and France is going to speak it.

'We need to speak the language of force as I’m afraid it is the only thing this British government will understand,' he said in a statement.

France and the UK are currently having a severe rise in tensions as following Brexit the UK is not allowing French fishing vessels to fish in British waters.

According to the accords reached back after the announcement of Brexit, French ships that already fished in the UK will be allowed to do so.

However, France argues that the UK is not presenting the needed number of permits as only half of the fishermen who need it managed to obtain it.

The UK on the other hand says that it is following the reached accords and presenting a permit only to those who have the necessary documentation.

The documents include evidence that the vessel performed fishing activity in UK waters before Brexit.

Earlier, it was announced that France is preparing a list of sanctions against the UK which might become known as soon as next week. 

The sanctions might cover France’s energy supply for the UK, as well as ban British vessels from docking at French ports.