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France goes ahead with mandatory jab despite protests

14:51, 09 August 2021
France goes ahead with mandatory jab despite protests Photo: pixabay.com

The French government is proceeding with the implementation of a Covid pass requirement for attending cafes and public spaces. 

Starting from today no adult in France can travel between cities or even attend a restaurant without a certificate of vaccination.

The announcement of this policy by President Emanuel Macron has led to massive protests with hundreds of thousands of people.

Protests in Paris alone have included a total of over 17,000 people, while the overall number of rioters of those who protested against the COVID pass across France is near 237,000 people.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran backed the government’s decision saying: “The passes and the vaccination campaign should help us survive the new curfew and lockdown. I am ready to listen to apprehensions, do everything to assure. But there comes a time when enough is enough”.

Earlier, Macron has published a Tiktok in which he addressed the young generation of France to get vaccinated.

“It is a question of being a good citizen… Our freedom has no value if we infect our friends, neighbors, or grandparents. To be free is to be responsible. Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated. Get vaccinated,” he said.