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France rescues almost 250 migrants in English Channel

15:55, 21 November 2021
France rescues almost 250 migrants in English Channel Photo: pixabay.com

France said that it rescued at least 243 migrants who were attempting to cross the English Channel these last two days.

They were attempting to cross the channel on low-quality boats in order to reach the UK.

Due to the poor quality of the boats many of them didn't manage to reach the destination shore and France sent its rescuers to carry out operations.

The migrants were delivered to different French ports which include ports in Boulogne and Dunkirk.

Following their arrival they were handed to border police.

The flow of the migrants who attempt to cross the channel is growing once again as earlier the UK said that at least 853 migrants have crossed it in one day.

The UK partly blames France for the crisis as it insists that France must do more to stop the migrants from attempting to embark on the crossing mission.

France however says that it can only limit the number of passages and not stop them completely adding that the UK’ labour laws encourage illegal migration.