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France to sanction UK over fishing dispute

21:32, 27 October 2021
France to sanction UK over fishing dispute Photo: Pixabay.com

France is preparing to sanction the UK which might affect the Kingdom’s power supplies, after tensions grew over fishing licences following the UK’s Brexit.

France claims that Britain is not supplying French fishermen with enough licences which are needed to fish in the UK’s waters.

Dozens of French fishing boats were not given the needed licence as only half of the French fishermen who fish in British waters were able to obtain it. 

France argues that Britain not giving enough licences goes against the according that were signed after the UK announced that it is leaving the EU.

French government officials announced that they are working on a list of possible sanctions which might become known to the public as soon as next week.

France’s government’s spokesman Gabriel Attal said that France’s power supply to the UK might become one of the means to achieve justice if “there is no change in policy,” from the British side.

"There are several types of sanctions possible, including tariffs on energy, on the access to ports, on customs, and other measures are possible," he said.

Other possible means might include the ban of British vessels from French ports. 

UK’s Brexit minister Lord Frost said that the UK is following all the agreements and is providing licences to all those who present the needed documents including a verification that the boat has previously fished in the region before Brexit.

"We continue to work with the French government on granting more based on the evidence they provide, as you know a number of additional licences have been granted in recent weeks. We will continue to have discussions with them on that point," the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement.