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German IS convert jailed for letting slave girl die chained in Iraq

20:02, 25 October 2021
German IS convert jailed for letting slave girl die chained in Iraq Photo: Global Look Press/dpa/Bernd Settnik

The woman has been sentenced to ten years of imprisonment for assisting murder, a war crime, and a crime against humanity. 

On Monday a court in Munich, Germany, found Jennifer Wenisch guilty of killing a five-year-old Yazidi slave girl she and her husband had bought. According to court records, Wenisch and her husband Taha al-Jumailly left the girl die of thirst chained in the open sun in 2015 because she was sick and wet her bed. 

The judge gave the woman a ten-year term for entering a terrorist organization, assisting attempted murder, an attempted war crime, and a crime against humanity. 30-year-old Wenisch was also convicted of enslavement of the Yazidi and their religion’s destruction. 

It is the first court case in the world linked with the persecution of the Yazidi community carried out by ISIS*. 

Her husband, an Iraqi jihadist, will hear his sentence in Frankfurt in November. They allegedly served in an IS "anti-vice squad" which promoted and enforced a strict Islamic way of life in Fallujah and Mosul captured by Daesh in 2014. German media report that Wenisch converted to Islam in 2013 and later arrived with her husband in Iraq to join the Islamic State.  

She was arrested in the German embassy in Turkey in 2016 and then extradited to Germany. 

The court’s prosecutors cooperated with the girl’s mother Nora who had also been enslaved in Northern Iraq. Wenisch pleads not guilty and states that Nora is an unreliable witness while her attorneys claim that there is no proof of the girl’s death. 

The Yazidi is a Kurdish group that originates in the north of Iraq. After ISIS had emerged the Yazidi were heavily hit by the movement’s violence, regarded as genocide. 

*ISIS, also known as ISIL, IS, Islamic State or Daesh is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.