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German police arrest Santa Claus for not wearing face mask (VIDEO)

13:30, 15 December 2021
German police arrest Santa Claus for not wearing face mask (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay.com

Twitter users were puzzled and some even angered by the footage that shows how German police were forcibly dragging Santa Claus on the street of Stralsund after the man reportedly refused to put a mask on.

Incident happened on December 14 at the city’s market square where nearly 65 people gathered to oppose COVID-19 measures and a man dressed as Santa with a sign reading "2G" on his back which refers to the German protesters against coronavirus restrictions.

"Let me see your ID," the approached officer asked while three others surrounded him. "I'm Santa Claus," he replied. "Show your ID," the police proceeded. "I'm Santa Claus," the answer kept following. "We do some police work here," they followed.

In a couple of minutes, police officers carried him out by the wrists and dragged the man to the patrol car. He was released an hour later after his identity was confirmed. "Shame on you! Shame on you!" the crowd shouted witnessing Santa's detention.

Netizens criticized a rough police’s decision to eliminate "Santa" from the minor gathering. The Stralsund Police Department said in the issued statement that “he was not used as Santa Claus at the Christmas market there” and the individual was arrested on the basis that "non-registered meeting constitutes a criminal offense for its chair under the Assembly Act.”

The police requested the ID from Santa which he failed to show, as the meeting was considered to be illegal because it hadn’t been officially registered and approved respectively, Stralsund Police Department said following the incident.

“From Germany, a maskless Santa is arrested and carried off like a criminal. Merry Christmas!”, a user wrote on their Twitter page.

One of the users described the police as “morons” putting forward a rhetorical question whether the forces are sane. However, the user was not the only one who doubted the police’s actions. 

“...I hate tyrants and their followers,” a user raised concerns about the adequacy of actions by the police, who eventually took Santa by the limbs and carried the main person of the Christmas festivities away.

Following the detention the police identified the dressed as Santa individual as the 47-year-old man who was previously suspected in taking part in protests against COVID-19 measures.