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Germans go to polls as elections begin

15:20, 26 September 2021
Germans go to polls as elections begin Photo: via www.imago-images.de/Global Look Press

Germany began its national elections which are considered very important for the country’s future as chancellor Angela Merkel who has been in charge since 2005 plans to leave the political scene following the end of the elections. 

However, Merkel will remain in power for some time as she will be considered as a caretaker while coalition negotiations between different political parties take place.

"We all sense that this is a very important federal election. It is a federal election that will decide the direction of Germany in coming years and therefore every vote counts," Armin Laschet, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, said in a statement.

Among other notable candidates who have major chances to win in the elections is Olaf Scholz who is the finance minister in Merkel’s coalition.

"I hope that as many citizens as possible will go and vote and make a very strong result for the SPD possible and give me the mandate to become the next chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany," he said.

Parties which support pro-green economy ideas and policies are also receiving a lot of support according to polls as climate change is taken very seriously among the German youth.

Earlier it was reported that Iceland held elections in an unprecedented scenario where 9 parties had equal chances and were likely to enter the parliament.