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Initial talks between France and UK over fishing row ‘useful and positive’

09:24, 05 November 2021
Initial talks between France and UK over fishing row ‘useful and positive’ Photo: pixabay.com

The talks between France and the UK on the subject of fishing rights have not been completed yet, but the initial phase of the negotiations was evaluated by France’s Europe Minister Clement Beaune as “useful and positive.”

Brexit Minister Lord Frost and France’s Beaune held talks on November 4 in an attempt to resolve issues over a fishing row amid fishing licenses refusals as one of the problems and the incident when two British vessels were stopped by France and the arrest on them had been put.

A trawler that had been arrested in France and held in custody for roughly a week has been freed and has arrived home. The arrested were accused of fishing in France’s waters without having an appropriate license to do so.

According to Clement Beaune, the talks that took place in Paris with his British colleague were useful and positive but still, there are many problems to resolve.

Beaune also said that “all options are on the table” adding that “as long as dialogue seems possible… we give it a chance.”

The Europe Minister insisted that approximately 200 fishing licenses should be granted to France while the British government acknowledged that the majority of the requests for granting licenses have been approved.

Earlier France has warned the UK that it will impose measures on Britain if licenses are not granted. Nonetheless, Boris Johnson’s spokesman said that France would not take any serious measures as long as negotiations are in place.

“They’ve made it clear to us they’re not planning to introduce them in the short-term. Both sides are keen to have further discussions,” a spokesman said.