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Ireland imposes curfew amid coronavirus outbreak

12:27, 18 December 2021
Ireland imposes curfew amid coronavirus outbreak

The Irish government decided to impose a Sunday curfew at 20:00 (local time) in hotels, cinemas, bars, restaurants, and theaters to limit the spread of the coronavirus, BBC News reported.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said that the rising incidence in the country is "a cause of deep concern," so he introduced several new measures. The vaccinated people will have to show their vaccine passports in theaters and cinemas.

"It spreads so aggressively throughout all age groups that we are likely to see infections at a rate that is far more than anything we have seen to date - it is that serious," Martin said.

The Cabinet of Ministers agreed that these measures will be in effect until January 30, but this date will be under consideration.

Earlier this month, the Irish government introduced measures that were expected to last until January 9th. These included closing nightclubs, restricting attendance at concerts and sporting events, and tightening restrictions on the hotel industry.

Ireland has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe, with 89.1% of vaccinated people over the age of 12. The government plans to offer third doses to those over 50 and those with underlying medical conditions, Martin said.

A further 3,628 coronavirus cases were reported in Ireland on Friday.