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Knife attack in germany leaves 3 seriously injured

21:00, 06 November 2021
Knife attack in germany leaves 3 seriously injured Photo: pixabay.com

One of Germany’s high-speed trains became a crime scene after a man with a knife attacked three people and left them seriously injured.

The attack was carried out by only one person according to the police.

Following the crime he was immediately arrested by special forces after the train stopped at the Seubersdorf station. 

"There has been an attack on an ICE (Intercity-Express) train and police shortly afterwards arrested a male person, and several people were injured," a spokesman for the police said in a statement.

The passengers who were around 200 people were taken to safety to a nearby restaurant.

Until now the motive of the attacker has not been clarified however the police is working on establishing it.

"I hope that those injured and those who witnessed this will recover quickly and completely. Thanks to their rapid intervention there is no longer any danger to others,” Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said in a statement.

"The background of the incident is still unclear and will now being clarified. Only then will an assessment be possible," he added.

Following the attack the station was closed and the train network between Regensburg and Nuremberg was suspended due to safety measures.