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La Palma airport closes again over volcanic ash cloud

11:57, 07 October 2021
La Palma airport closes again over volcanic ash cloud Photo: Andrei Kamenev/Russian Look/Global Look Press

The airport in the Canary island of La Palma island where the Cumbre Vieja volcano is erupting was closed again on Thursday due to the ash cloud, Spanish airport authorities told AFP.

"The airport is no longer operational at the moment," the airport operator AENA spokesperson said, adding that it was necessary to clean up the runways before it could be reopened. But the closure "may not last very long."

This is the second closure after the volcano eruption started on September 19. Previously, it was reopened forcing some tourists to pay several times the ticket price to La Palma to see the natural outburst.

The lava from the La Palma island volcano has already reached the ocean which led to massive toxic gas injection.

More than 6,000 residents have been evacuated so far, over 120 houses have been destroyed and simply swallowed by the lava. 

Cumbre Vieja previously erupted in 1971 and 1949. It has currently shoveled more than 100 hectares.