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Luxembourg announces legalization of cannabis

09:24, 23 October 2021
Luxembourg announces legalization of cannabis

Luxembourg authorities plan to legalize the consumption and cultivation of cannabis for personal use, the news portal EURACTIV reported on Friday.

The residents of the country will be able to sell and buy the seeds of cannabis in shops or import them from abroad. The authorities also allow the production of cannabis at home.

However, some restrictions remain as the police can impose a €145 fine for having more than 3 grams of the drugs. It will not be considered a criminal offense but classified as a misdemeanor. In addition, the consumption or selling of drug products other than seeds in public will be strictly prohibited.

Luxembourg will be the first country in the EU that fully legalized the use of cannabis. The government said that legalization aims to tackle the drug black market, trafficking, and crimes.

“This move represents a fundamental reorientation of Luxembourg's drug policy. At last, the use of cannabis is being regulated and a legal alternative to the black market is being created. We are going to introduce a more holistic approach to the issue. ” the leaders of the coalition Green party reported.

The legalization law was adopted back in 2018 by the coalition government of the Liberals, Social Democrats, and the Greens parties of Luxembourg.