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Magdalena Andersson becomes first female PM in Sweden’s history

16:35, 24 November 2021
Magdalena Andersson becomes first female PM in Sweden’s history Photo: Erik Simander/Tt/Global look Press

The head of the Social Democratic Party has been appointed the new Swedish Prime Minister after Stefan Lofven quit the post.

The Parliament of Sweden announced on Wednesday that Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson had been appointed the country’s new Prime Minister. She has become the first woman ever to take the position.

The Riksdag held voting earlier in the morning and confirmed the appointment of 57-year-old Andersson who had served as Sweden’s Minister for Finance since 2014.

To win the election Andersson had to receive a total of 175 “yes” or “abstain” votes. 117 MPs voted for her candidature and 57 abstained while the decisive voter from the Left Party was absent. Since the whole Left Party voted “abstain”, the Social Democratic chief got the post.

Shortly before the announcement, the Social Democratic Party has come to an agreement on increasing retirement pensions.

The new Prime Minister has now to form a new Cabinet in the near future.

Former Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced in August that he would leave office in November as well as the Social Democratic Party leadership.

Earlier this year Lofven lost a no-confidence vote and resigned, but retook office in July after the main opposition party the Moderates had not managed to form a new government.