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Man at ABBA tribute concert falls off seventh story, two dead

16:11, 03 November 2021
Man at ABBA tribute concert falls off seventh story, two dead Photo: Global Look Press/ imago stock&people /imago stock&people

The man who is reported to be in his 80s fell seven floors and lethally landed on two people killing one person and injuring another.

Two people died on Tuesday evening in a tragic incident that took place at the Uppsala Konsert&Kongress hall in Sweden during an Abba tribute concert, police representatives announced.

"We received a call about someone having either jumped or fallen from a high altitude in the center of Uppsala," the spokesperson said in a statement.

According to Stockholm’s police, a man around 80 years old fell down from the seventh floor in a concert hall and landed on two other visitors fatally injuring one of them, about 60 y.o., and wounded another. The man in his 80s died instantly.

The survivor was hospitalized, there is no threat to his health.

The incident happened in the Swedish capital at an Abba tribute concert about 30 minutes before its scheduled beginning. The event has been canceled and the police sealed the scene, getting the chance to question eyewitnesses.

After carrying out a preliminary probe the police said that they had no grounds to regard the incident as a criminal act.

The concert’s organizers presented their condolences and added that the incident left everyone in shock. According to them, more than 1,000 people gathered to take part in the event which was supposed to be held shortly before the legendary Swedish pop group is due to release their first new album in more than 40 years.