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Man takes hostages in Germany

11:22, 22 September 2021
Man takes hostages in Germany

30-years old man took hostages in the bus on the road in southern Germany in the Bayern region on Tuesday evening as the police were forced to close part of the A9 highway in both directions for some hours.

Reportedly, there was a fight between passengers in the bus heading to Serbia, two people were injured. After the fight, the bus pulled over and all the passengers except three bus drivers and the suspect left the vehicle. Presumably, the man had a weapon. 

The passenger said to the police that there was a “threat situation”. The special forces and emergency services came to the site of the incident. 

The police could make contact with one of the drivers and all of them got out of the car. Later, the criminal was detained and he offered no resistance. The police reported that the detainee was a Serbian nationalist.

The local police said on Twitter: "The perpetrator was arrested. A weapon has not been found so far. The bus is still being searched. Forensics are being carried out on site."