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Police conduct raids in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria within tax fraud probe

15:30, 20 October 2021
Police conduct raids in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria within tax fraud probe Photo: pixabay.com

German, Italian and Bulgarian police have conducted a row of raids in their countries within a probe, which has been started against the Italian mafia, according to Reuters.

The target of investigation has been involved in a tax fraud concerning the trade in expensive vehicles, according to German police. Police have completed 46 raids on residential and commercial buildings thus detaining 11 suspects on Wednesday.

Germany succeeded with four arrests as Italy detained six of the gang members and Bulgaria caught one. The police have obtained vast amounts of evidence during the raids, including some high-price cars.

The arrested suspects belong to the most influential Italian mafia called “Ndrangheta,” and were accused of creating an organized criminal group and of tax fraud in a sum of $15.12 million (13 million euros), police said.

The culprits were demanding value added tax several times while selling the luxurious vehicles in different parts of Europe, the statement released by the police reads.

The criminals will respond for their wrongdoings before law in the nearest future, the statement reads.

The probe regarding the case has been lasting more than a year and in association with the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, police in Bavaria said.

Ndrangheta, founded in Calabria, Italy, has been operating since the end of 18th century and its members have been acting across the world, mostly in the European region. The estimated number of members is 6,000. The activity of the mentioned mafia revolves around various criminal spheres starting with extortion ending up with drug trafficking, kidnapping and murders.