Western Europe

Protests against COVID erupt in Austria, Ireland, Croatia, Netherlands

10:21, 21 November 2021
Protests against COVID erupt in Austria, Ireland, Croatia, Netherlands Photo: Keiko Hiromi/AFLO

Thousands of protestors of European countries took to streets to oppose the measures established by governments in a bid to curb the pandemic.

Protesters in Vienna, Austria show their disapproval of the new lockdown which has been banning unvaccinated from entering public venues, bars and restaurants since Monday and the rioters also stand against mandatory vaccination which they call “tyrannic medicine.” The lockdown for unvaccinated was set to last 10 days but it may be prolonged up to 20.

The demonstrators also filled streets of Switzerland, Ireland, Croatia and the Netherlands on Saturday when the marchers sowed chaos to the streets opposing COVID passes and the prohibition on using fireworks for the period of the New Year feasts. Around 20 arrests and seven injuries were reported as a result of the march in Rotterdam. The police used water cannons against marchers to reduce the pressure.

The Dutch city of Breda has seen 3,000 marchers on the streets as one of the leaders of the protestors Joost Eras told broadcaster NOS that they were shocked by cruelty happened in Rotterdam. 

The citizens of Northern Ireland also decided to express their minds against COVID-19 measures publicly as hundreds protested outside the city hall in Belfast. The citizens opposed the COVID-19 certificates that will oblige visitors to show their vaccination status in order to attend public venues. The requirement will come into force on December 13.

Some protesters compared the restrictions set by the government to the actions of Nazi Germany.

In Croatia thousands grouped in the capital Zagreb chanting against measures and carrying banners and flags which show people’s disapproval towards the rules.