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Watch Rotterdam protests over new COVID-19 measures

11:08, 20 November 2021
Watch Rotterdam protests over new COVID-19 measures Photo: pixabay.com

Massive protests against COVID-19 passes in Rotterdam turned to clashes as the police opened fire at and in a direction towards carrying rocks protesters.

Several hundreds of people rushed outdoors to show the government its disagreement regarding Covid vaccine passes and the prohibition on using fireworks on New Year’s holidays.

The Dutch police have conducted a row of arrests totaling the number to 20 and reported seven injuries. The water cannons were deployed to the area of clashes to disperse the gatherings.

“An orgy of violence” - this is the description of the protests given by Rotterdam’s mayor as the protesters use various incendiary instruments during the clashes. 

The footage shows the burning car on the street surrounded by rubbish, broken bicycles, and turned-over garbage can. 

The city was put under a state of emergency and the main train station was temporarily set to stop due to the growing violence.

The rioters showed their disapproval regarding the “corona passes” which, if established, must be presented to allow people to visit eateries and bars as well as other indoor venues. The citizens also disagree with the ban on New Year’s fireworks, which was prolonged early Friday for the second year.