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San-Marino to hold abortion referendum

18:57, 15 September 2021
San-Marino to hold abortion referendum

A small European country is to have an abortion referendum on September 26. The residents of San Marino will have to decide whether to legalize abortion or not.

The country is one the last place in Europe along with Malta, Andorra, and the Vatican where abortion is banned even in a case of rape, incest, or mother’s life risk.

“Women go to have abortions outside our country. They do it illegally because abortion is a criminal offense here. All this is disgraceful," a member of the San Marino Women's Union (UDS) Rosa Zafferani said.

If the abortion campaign wins the women will be able to undergo abortion in the first three months of the pregnancy. In addition, the women will have a right to get an abortion in case of a life-threatening situation or fetal abnormalities.

The pro-life side is lead by the Catholic church and the ruling Christian Democratic Party. The result of the referendum is unpredictable as most of the 33,000 San-Marino people population is Catholic.

The pro-choice activists have been trying to allow abortion in San Marino for the last 20 years. However, the previous attempts have been denied by the government. The last pro-choice bill was rejected in 2003.

The women obtained voting rights in the country only in 1964 as the right to divorce in 1986.  

On September 8 Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that imposing restrictions on abortion is unconstitutional, an important pivotal point for the procedure’s future in the country.

The US administration is getting ready to sue Texas over its new abortion legislation which makes it illegal for women to have abortions in most cases